August 9, 2011

Cotton Candy!

Last week Makayla had Zoo/Circus day day at school and had to dress up like something from either the zoo or the circus. I knew everyone would be things like a monkey or elephant, or tight rope walker and I wanted her to be something different…I came up with COTTON CANDY! I am pretty impressed with my self. I made this costume for under $15! The tule was on sale for $1 a yard I need 4 yards of each. I found the pink shirt on sale for $3 at  navy and my mom embroidered it so it said "cotton candy 25cents and we already had the tights (for the stick that hold the cotton candy) and shoes. I even found kid perfume that smelled like cotton candy for $1. 

I cut and tied the tule around elastic and glued some to barrettes. Sprayed it with the perfume, gave her little pink glittery cheeks and this it what she looked liked. 

I think she looked perfect and she was the only one dressed like cotton candy among a circus full of elephants, popcorn, monkeys, and lions! 

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