February 11, 2012


4 weeks old
Jackson yesterday you turned 4 weeks old! You are such a sweet boy! You love your mom and you love to eat. You are still in newborn size clothes, and you hate hats. You like being swaddled at night but you get your hands free as soon as possible. You like tummy time in small amounts of time and you are starting to coo.  You can focus on things now and you recognize your mom. You can almost hold your head on your own. You get really mad when you get mad and you remind me of an angry bird!!!! You are not a fan of the paci. You smile all the time.
You love to be held and the sound of your sisters voice. You smile when she sings to you and you always hold her finger! She adores you more then you will ever know and always thinks about you.

We are starting to get into a nice routine and schedule. You still sleep alot but are awake much more through out the day. You only wake up one time at night. Usually between 3:00-4:00am. You HATE the car seat more then anything! But we are working on that. You enjoy your bath until it's time to get out, but you love all the kisses I give you when you smell so delicious I could eat you.

Jackson you have so many people in your life that love and adore you! You are a very special boy, and I can't imagine our life without you! Being your Mom is so special, thank you for completing our family!!!

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