February 11, 2012


Makayla at 3 1/2
Makayla at 3 1/2 you are so sweet! But can be such a sassy pants. You are so smart! You know all of your colors, numbers, letters and you are learning to spell and read. You can write your name (you still need help with the K) and you are learning Jackson's. You love to count EVERYTHING!!! You enjoy watching Mickey Mouse and Strawberry shortcake. The Fresh Beat Band is your absolute Favorite and you ask to watch them daily! You know all the songs and most of the dances! 

You like to dress yourself and you always pick out a dress or fancy skirt, and you can't forget the matching headband! You like to be the center of attention and you LOVE to talk & sing! You can hoola-hoop for a really long time and bounce on your trampoline for hours.
You are very thoughtful of others and you always make sure to include everyone.  You like when you have your whole family around you. You are a total daddies girl and always thoughtful of your little brother. Since the first time you met him you can't get enough of him. You always want to kiss and hug him or sing to him. He loves to hold your finger and calms down when he hears your voice. 

You are a good eater. You love Steak and Chicken…or any kind of meat! You eat all vegetables except lettuce and strawberries and blueberries are your favorite fruits. You are a great helper in the kitchen and at setting the table. You clean up your own play room and you always make sure your shoes are put away! 

You are doing great in school and always the leader. You jump all the time which drives me crazy! You like to play with matchbox cars, baby dolls and puzzles.  You draw all the time and are getting great at drawing people! Camping at Disney is your favorite place to vacation! You play your leappad (you think its called an ipad) and try to play mine (but I don't like to share). You make your dad and I laugh all the time. We always wonder how you come up with the things you do.  You are an amazing girl and I am so proud of who you are becoming.  You are so much like me and we butt heads all the time, but I wouldn't change a thing about you! You are perfect just the way you are! 

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  1. Sheryl,
    You are so very blessed... Such a healthy and beautiful family..
    Amazes me how much Jackson & Landon look alike...


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