October 31, 2013

Ending October

The last few weeks of October was filled with farms, festivals, and fun times! Every weekend was packed with something to do and as fun as that is I am ready for life to slow down just a bit though I don't see that happening until after the first of the year.

Makayla and I met friends at a horse farm for a girls day!!! The girls had a great time seeing all the animals, climbing on hay, tractor and train rides, and a girls lunch to finish the day!
Girl day at the horse farm

holding a baby chick

Train ride
Hay climbing

feeding the goats

baby guinea pig
The girls had great day
Lots of playing at outside! Jackson loves driving and cars! He is actually pretty good! 
Daddy and Makayla had the day off! We spent it at the park having a picnic and playing on the playground! 
We visited Sweetfields Farm. I have been wanting to visit this farm for the last few years! I am so happy we were finally able to go this year! We had so much fun playing in the corn maze, drinking fresh pressed cider, watching the pigs race, playing on the hay the list goes on and on. I think I may have had more fun then the kids this day!

Ready for a fun day at the farm!

Jackson hiding in the tire! 

Hannah and Makayla on the old swing!
finding our way through the corn maze! I wish I would have taken my own picture. I have always wanted to do a corn maze and I finally got to experience it! and I cannot wait to do it again!
my babies on the HAY! 
That night we also met up with friends for a scary train ride.  

another night Steve and I joined friends for a neighborhood October fest! Oh what a night! 
Makayla had trick or treat night at school! What a fun night for the kids. They got to dress up and walk around the school trick or treating from the teachers! They had a great time as did the parents! We dressed up as Batman and Batgirl for the night!
My "Bat Babies"
Makayla and her teacher

Bat family!!!

Jackson got his first black eye! He survived! 
Pumpkin carving! It was finally time to carve all those pumpkins we picked out. We had the family over and dug in. Makayla decorated her pumpkin with sparkles all by her self! I love the way it turned out. 
Makayla's pumpkin

Jackson getting into the guts
Our finished pumpkins 
Happy boy at lunch 
The week of halloween was also drug free/red ribbon week at school  Today was red shirt and crazy sock day!  
Jackson and I at the park before we went to pick up Makayla from school.

AHHHHHH my crazy girl! She thinks this is so funny

The kids are not allowed to wear there costumes to school so instead they make it Pajama day. I actually like this idea. Jackson was not happy about having his picture taken. 

Halloween night. Doc Mcstuffins and "batman"
My camera was not working but I did get these pictures with my phone.
The kids had a great time trick or treating and by the end of the night Jackson had it down! He would walk up say his version of "trick or treat" and take his candy! I love this time of year!

 Jackson ended up with a nasty cough the last few days of the month. It turned out to be a little bronchitis. A few breathing treatments, and a few extra naps and he was back to him self again!

WOW what a busy month we had. Sorry it was all wrapped into one post I am trying really hard to catch up on the blog, but as you can see it's kind of hard with our busy days, and nights. 

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