November 3, 2013

Day at Downtown Disney

It's not often that Steve has a day off, but this beautiful Sunday he was off and we wanted to do something FUN! We turned the clocks back the night before so we felt as though we had gained an extra hour in our day. My not so spontaneous husband said "Let's go to Downtown Disney" so we did!
We started the day off at T-rex a fun interactive restaurant with dinosaurs and other animals that move and every 15 min there is an ice storm in the Ice Cave! We started off inside the icecave but had to move. It was a little to overwhelming for Jackson. They nicely moved us to the Ocean room where everyone was much happier.
The restaurant was blast, the kids enjoyed walking around and seeing all there is to look at. Plus the food is really good here.

Daddy and Makayla

being silly

Much happier out of the ice cave but still holding tight to Mommy

I ordered this fun cottontini! The glass comes filled with cotton candy, then they pour your drink over…..

How cool is that? added bonus it was really good and surprising not to sweet. 

Nenny and Makayla
After lunch we walked around and enjoyed the sights and people watching in Downtown Disney. The weather was great, the kids were happy, and we were able to enjoy a very fun and relaxing day…something we all needed. 
Playing the water

Riding the train
Jackson LOVES trains! He did not want to get off he said wow and whoa at every turn. I love seeing his excitement as he is experiencing things for the first time!  
Cool dude
Makayla and Daddy 
My sister and I
my boys

my beautiful girl!
We tried to get some pictures for a Christmas card but sadly that did not happen, we could not get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time. We may need to get professional photographs taken just to get a good one! However we did get these fun shots

This one is defiantly my favorite 
at least we had fun! 

Makayla with the lego people

Makayla and Sleeping beauty! 
What a fun day we had!

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