October 13, 2013

River Ranch

Steve and I usually take a weekend away for our anniversary this year we decided to take a family vacation instead.  Steve and I loaded up the RV and took the kids to River Ranch on the other coast of Fl.  This place is great, they have a petting zoo with tons of animals, a lake to fish, and boat in, a rodeo on the weekends, a cute little town of shops and other fun stuff. We all had a great time. I took well over 200 photos throughout the week so I made a few photo colleges to share! 

Jackson LOVED the goats
My big boy
My precious girl
Steve's brother and wife and kids came up on Friday for the weekend! Makayla and Jackson were very happy to have  other kids to play with! 

I took Makayla on an air boat ride! She thought it was awesome! She stayed awake for almost 45 minutes but then had a great nap for the end of the ride! It was so beautiful to see the Florida lake from this view. We were lucky enough to see all kinds of wildlife! Defiantly something I would do again!  
a few random shots from around the farm

We had such great time! River Ranch is defiantly simple living at it's best. No cable, low cell signal, no internet! It was so nice to get away and unplug for a few days.

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