November 12, 2013

Fun in the November Florida sun!

While our friends and family up north are bundled up in cute jackets playing in the cool fall weather we spent the day at the park enjoying the warm Florida sun. Steve and Makayla had the day off so what better way to spend it then lunch outside by the water and an afternoon at the park. 
Wall Springs Park is a hidden park in Palm Harbor that I happen to LOVE. It's clean, covered, and rarely busy. They have a split playground for big and little kids! It is by far my favorite park in the area!

I do want to know why my kids are growing up so fast. It makes me sad to think how independent  they have become and proud to see how friendly and happy they are also! 


Hi mom

"Come on Jackson"
The other great thing about Wall Springs is the bridges, and trails within the park. We love walking over to the look out bridge and watching the fish. This is also the home to one of the oldest springs in history. When it was first purchased in 1884, it was used as a spa and bathing area until the 1960's. I love all the history that surrounds this area.

I love this 

Walking to the trails
Another great fun, family day! I am so grateful for these days with my family.

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