June 1, 2009

Can you smell your toes?

I feel like we have been so busy the past few days. Last Friday we had a wonderful play date at Alicia's house, Makayla is no longer the youngest kid in playgroup and is learning how to hold her own with the bigger kids. Saturday we spent most of the day in the fabric store picking fabrics with Nenny, Lynn, and Grandmom. (Makayla LOVES the fabric store----she loves all the colors and touching grabbing all the different patterns) Sunday we celebrated Aunt Sara's birthday and played with cousin Shea. Monday we started swim lessons. Makayla did great. Our goal is to get her used to the water and survival if she falls in. I will keep you updated on her progress.

Makayla is into EVERYTHING. She can now open cabinet doors and empty them quickly, pull her baskets out of her toy shelf, destroy my bathroom cabinet in 2.2 seconds, take 3-4 steps in a row, drink formula mixed with real milk from a sippy, tell her Mom to "stop it" scream really loudly in a restaurant, put the right shape into holes in toys, fly on her new Mickey Mouse air plane, smell her own toes, swim under water (well she did this for the first time today at swim lessons), roll a ball, and destroy an important piece of paper in seconds. She is a very active little girl, she keeps me on my toes and surprises me everyday with how much she learns and how she expresses herself.

We are planning finishing up all the details for her 1st birthday. Can you believe in just a month or so our baby Makayla will have survived her first year of life? I cannot believe how fast it has flown by. She is such a big girl now, and a funny one I might add.

Here are a few videos for you all to get your Makayla fix, since I know that is what you come for. Don't forget to check back on Tuesday for "Tickle your taste buds Tuesday."

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