June 13, 2009

Crash and Burn...

***warning*** Overload of updates and pictures.

The past week has been a little crazy for us.
Makayla turned 11 months old.
She is now what I would call a 90% walker. She can walk, but she only does it when she wants to. She has quit the attitude when she gets mad which is very funny when you are not on the receiving end of her anger. She is on milk now....no more formula woohooo. She is talking up a storm and learning new words everyday. She will be 1 in just a few short week, I still can't believe it. Her party planning is going well. Just a few things to put together and it will be party time.

She is swimming like a fish kicking like a frog, at swim lessons. She swims to the wall and climbs out. I have to say I am amazed at her progress in such a short period of time. She has 2 weeks left I am fairly confident that she will be swimming on her own by the end.

(this is her new face)

She had her first big crash and burn yesterday. She was walking on my Mom's patio and took a nose dive on the concrete. She was not happy to say the least. She scratched up her nose and lip but is fine other then that.
Makayla's personalty keeps us laughing all the time. Our almost toddler is becoming very independent with a mind of her own. She is in love with Mickey Mouse and carries him everywhere. But I have to say her most favorite thing to do these days is to play in the dog crate. She climbs in all on her own and closes the door. Who am I to argue with her she locks herself in the dog crate I get dinner cooked, its win, win as I see it.

She also seems to have a good time in the laundry basket. That is until she gets stuck.

Ohh and one more thought. Do they make time out seats with seat belts? I think we are going to need one and SOON!


  1. She is adorable! What a cutie, seems like she likes the camera too:) Can't wait to see her Friday!

  2. ok is she cute or what. we have the same salty dog shirt, and many more.


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