June 18, 2009

Time out

Recently Makayla has found her rebellious side. She knows what NO means, she just decides when to listen and when to do whatever she wants.
She has finally found Molly's dogs bowls. This has become a major fight. She plays in the water and then spreads it all over the floor. She also likes to pick them up and throw them down. Why is this a problem you ask? Well they are ceramic and cute and she throws them on the tile. They have not broken yet and I hope they don't.

So how am I going to get her to stop playing with the dog bowls? Why TIME OUT of course. I started by sitting her against the wall in the hall way but she fought back by banging her head against the wall. I needed a special place for her to sit that she knew she was in trouble. So I had my mom Make this.
I sit down on the floor with her and hold her hands and tell her she is in time out and why. I make her sit for about 45 seconds right now. That will be increasing as she gets older. She sits pretty well for the most part.
She knows now that when she touches the dog bowls she goes in time out. She even put herself in time out after touching them this morning. Ohh My little trouble maker.
Do you have any behavior suggestions for a 12 month old? Leave me a comment I am open to suggestion and need them!


  1. Get rid of the dog bowls! Replace them with plastic ones for now. Ella broke Riley's cute bowl and I nearly cried. That's all my advice;)

  2. LOL That is so cute that she put herself in timeout. I mean it's not but it is. I have one that does some of the same things. Goodluck.

  3. OMG. I know she's in trouble, but that is so cute! :-) I would say to be sure to reward good behavior. Like if she goes for the dog bowl and then backs off because she knows it will get her in time out, make sure you make a big deal of it. Positive reinforcement can be a great motivator.

    As for negative reinforcement, just be CONSISTENT. Don't ever give in or she'll know she can win if she's persistent enough. ;-)

    That's my two cents.


  4. Hahaha. We have the same problem, only Zachary will EAT the dogfood, and yes, he tries to throw our ceramic bowls on the tile too. He has actually chipped ours. Ugh. I can't believe she will sit in time out. That is too cute, and so is she!! Hey, I was thinking of you when I was at Old Navy the other day. They had a bunch of cute fish party favor stuff in the check out isle. How's the planning coming?

  5. where did you get that time out mat? I have been looking every where for one


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