August 17, 2009

What have we been up to?

We have daily visits by a Heron that we named Blue. And yes I know he is white. He shows up in the late afternoon and hits his beak knocks at the door. I started by throwing him blueberries, and cheese which he didn't eat. After throwing him a few other things he didn't like he now settles for hot dogs or tuna fish. Makayla stands at the door and says "quack quack" the entire time he is having his dinner.
It is really cute to watch her get so excited when Blue shows up.

Makayla plays in her new water table.
Sometimes she plays shirtless, just because it's easier that way.
She is now taking a music class on Tuesday mornings. Which she enjoys so much. She goes and gets the sticks or bean bags when prompted and brings them back. She dances to the music and gives the frog high 5's. It is so much fun to watch her interact with the other kids and follow directions. She is really becoming a big girl and it is so much fun watching her grow and develop.

We finger paint, color, play play dough, and use markers on rainy days.

We play in her ball pit.

Now that I am working I seem to have so much less time in my week. I know I am only working 2 days a week but it seems like Monday and Tuesday I am playing catch up and Friday through Sunday I am spending every moment with Makayla. I really like my new job and I am settling in nicely. The being the "new girl" is already wearing off and I am into a routine. It is really nice to get out of the house a bit and have some adult time. I miss Makayla like the crazy all day but I know she is in good hands and has a blast with My mom, sister and Steve. She is really starting to become a daddy's girl which I love.

We have also been spending Sundays in the park having picnics, dinners and Grandmom and Grandpa's and swimming in the pool. We have been doing a lot of family activities and finding things to let Makayla expel her energy.
Not to mention it is Big Brother (BB) season and that takes up my evenings 3 nights a week. For those of you that know me, know I am obsessed with BB.
I hope all is well with everyone. I am trying to get better at staying on top of the blog. Thank you for understand as I am adjusting to our new schedule.

So that is about it for us. What's new with you? Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. She is growing so fast...what fabulous toys she has. She seems to enjoy the ball pit... so i think it needs to stay at your house...LOL. I can't wait for Wednesdays to come cuz we have such Wonderful play time. You are such a great Mom.

  2. Water table!!!!!!!! My kids would love one of those!


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