August 6, 2009

A magical birthday weekend...

On July 26th we don't only get to celebrate 1 birthday but 2. My mom and my Sister were born on the same day. Where is the best place to turn another year older? Why Disney of course! Why? because it's free this year on your birthday. We left early Saturday morning in he camper and headed East towards Orlando. We had a Delicious dinner at Fulton's Crab house in Downtown Disney then walked around Downtown Disney a little while Makayla tried to con her Grandparents into buying her new toys.
The Girls at the birthday dinner. (M would not look at the camera)

The next day on the 26th we had a girls Birthday trip to Epcot. Makayla got to meet Mickey Mouse again and a few other characters. She was not as excited this time once she got close but as long as one of us was holding her she was fine. She did give them all kisses though.
It was a VERY rainy day but that didn't stop us. While everyone else in the park waited the rain out in the buildings we threw on our Disney Ponchos and weathered the storm like a true Disney fan. Makayla was such a good sport about wearing her poncho and she had to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Don't you think?We did stop inside for a little bit to do some of the fun activities that Epcot has to offer. There was this really cool music room where when you stepped on an instrument it lit up and and the sound from the instrument played above you. We really enjoy this. We also played a Piggy bank game that Makayla LOVED the pig so much and didn't want to give it back. You can see those pictures HERE and the rest of our day at Disney.
When the rain finally stopped we went back outside and found some ducks. Makayla can say "duck" and "quack quack" so well now. So we spent almost 20 min feeding the ducks Teddy Grahams while Makayla quacked back at them. She really enjoyed this part of the day.
Another highlight to our day was the soda room! You get to try soda from all around the world. Makayla really enjoyed drinking out of the tiny cups and tasting all the soda...these were her first sips of soda ever.
You should have heard all the "MMMMMMMM"'s coming from her.

Thanks Mom this is so good!


  1. Looks like you ladies had a fabulous time! Also looks like Pluto was putting the moves on your Sheryl. Steve should have told him to keep his paws off ya;) hehehehehe The poncho pic is my new fave of M. She's adorable...and I miss her tons!

  2. Great pictures! Makayla is sooo cute, I love the soda pictures! We are going there August 27 to celebrate mine and my moms's birthday's too! Can't wait!


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