August 29, 2009

All before Breakfast

This last week Steve and I have spent our evenings digging, pulling , raking, and removing all of the old dead grass from our front yard. Apparently we had GRUBS! Ewww gross I know. After we removed the old dead grass we treated the yard for the grubs and ants. Ahhh bug free soil that was begging for new fresh grass. So Saturday morning Steve, his dad, Makayla and I woke up to a fresh pallet of grass. (Really M and I woke up to the pallet of grass, the boys went early and got it and brought it back.)
We put on our yard clothes and got to work. (I didn't get the chance to take before pictures so this is as close as its going to get. Sorry)

Before ALL the grass was put down.
Even Makayla was helping.
Playing in the sprinkler after all the grass was laid.

She was not thrilled with the sprinkler after it got her in the face.
All finished. Look at the beautiful new grass that covers our front yard.
Makayla is very proud of her hard work.

Our workers after it was all finished.
Don't they all look so happy!

(And YES I did help but no one wanted to take my picture.)

Saturday morning we laid an entire front yard with new grass, Makayla played with sidewalk chalk, balls, and her water table (we were keeping her busy) watered the new grass, played in the sprinkler, cleaned the garage, and driveway, and sidewalks, from all the mud. Got our selves cover with mud, Showered and cleaned the floors inside (from all the mud being tracked in) all this before we even ate breakfast. Ahhh what a accomplishing Saturday morning. I think we will relax tomorrow and go on the boat! What do you think?

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  1. Looks good! Grubs are gross. I remember an episode of Man vs Wild that Bear Gryls ate grubs (what doesn't he eat?!) Nasty.


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