October 13, 2009

3 years and many more to go!

Three years ago today Steve and I stood in the sands of Key West and made vows to be together through it all. The good the bad and the ugly. I have to say the last 3 years have been amazing. Don't get me wrong we have had our rough spots but they have only brought us closer together. Steve is my support system, he is my rock, he is by far my best friend! Without him I would be lost. A little after a year after this day is when we conceived the best thing that has ever happen to either of us. Makayla! I would not change a thing about the last 3 years and I can only hope and pray that we have many years together to spend our lives growing old and taking care of each other.

We poured sand from two shells together in one bowl to signify our ever lasting love and to combine two worlds into one. The grains of my pink and his brown sand intertwined with each other to crete a new life that can never be taken apart.
Though Steve and I had been together many years (11) before we got married our first kiss as husband and wife was like kissing him for the first time. He is an amazing man and I thank my lucky stars everyday that he is mine to have to hold.

The beautiful back drop of Key West was the perfect setting. We hope to one day have our feet in the sand there as more then just a vacation spot!

I want to thank you all for traveling along on this journey of our lives. Steve and I try every day to be the best to each other and be the best parents we can for Makayla. We might now always make the right choices but we try. Marriage is not something that just happens it is something you have to work at everyday. I couldn't be happier to work along side my best friend to build a family and future that we are both happy to be a part of.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! This blog is beautiful, as well as the pictures! You guys are awesome, and I'm very lucky to count you as friends! I wish you many more years of happiness! Love you both! xoxoxo

  2. Congrats! and heres to 60 more!

  3. happy anniversary! what beautiful wedding pictures and such a glowing happy couple! congrats!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a wonderful day!


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