October 27, 2009

FALL FUN (long post with LOTS of pictures)

I am taking some time off of Tickle your Taste buds Tuesday because I have been out of ideas lately. Though I am still cooking I don't know if anything is worthy of my wonderful readers. Do you have any ideas or would you like to guest post on my blog? I would love for you too. Just leave a comment here in this post or email me and we can set things up.

Now for a much needed update and lots of pictures of what we have been up to. The cooler weather has been great and we have been super busy with lots of fun fall stuff. However after I loaded up some of the pictures I some how deleted them and they are now gone forever. Like a few weeks ago we went to an event for Steve's dealership and got stuck really deep in the mud and I had some super fun pictures from that but they got deleted.
We also went to see Elmo live with our friends Jen and Hannah and those pictures got deleted also but I have one picture of Makayla in her super cute dress from that day that I took with another camera SEE!
Makayla LOVED Elmo live. She was in awww the whole time right until the end and then she got a little restless, but she loved it and has not stopped say Elmo "Melmo" since then!

We wen to the rattle snake festival with our friends Kasie and Cooper and there family. We also made cute Halloween bags at Publix. After the festival we went to there family farm to visit the cows. Now Makayla can MOOO like a real cow. Here are a few pictures from that day.

But you can see all the pictures from at day by clicking HERE

Last Monday we went to the pumpkin patch for a play date. We played in pumpkins, went to a hay ride, listen to Halloween stories and some kids got there face painted. It was cold that morning so M got good use out of her new jacket!

You can see that entire album by clicking HERE

We carved pumpkins at a friends house and Makayla got to play with big kids the entire night. She is growing up so fast and becoming so independent and not afraid of anything. She plays with big kids and does her own thing she doesn't need Mom and Dad all the time anymore. It is so fun watching her grow and become a kid and not a baby.

All the pictures are HERE

We also went to the pumpkin patch with Cooper and his family and though neither kid wanted to corporate that day we got some pretty good pictures.

There is a ton more pictures you can see them ALL HERE
Makayla and Cooper are IN LOVE as you can see from the pictures. They do everything together and want to do everything for each other. It is really cute to see them together and how well they play together. We feel so blessed to have Kasie and Cooper as part of our lives these days. Cooper is soon going to the big brother of twin boys so I know Makayla will be his playmate when everyone is going nuts over the new babies!

Last but least we did a little taco night/ pumpkin carving of our own. Steve and I worked very hard to make Makayla the best pumpkins she could ask for. This was our creation. We both worked really hard and was super happy with the results! What do you think?

Hard at work on our pumpkins
Steve's pumpkin
My pumpkin

Makayla loved them and that made us so happy.

WOW that might be the longest post ever. I hope you were able to get through it all and had a chance to look at all the pictures. I told you we have been super busy, but having a great time.

We have a busy week but I will try and update pictures of Makayla in her costume as soon as I take some! LOL Let me know how you like the NEW flicker links and viewing the pictures there. It is easier for me to upload them to flicker with the new computer.

I hope all is well with everyone and that you all have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We are celebrating at home with yummy scary food and good friends!

Ohh and don't forget you can still vote for Makayla to be the next GAP model! Just click on her picture in the right side bar at the top. I know the registration is long but you only have to do it once and then you can vote everyday until November 17th. Thanks for voting


  1. Very cute pictures!! I'm sorry you lost a bunch :(. Your Mickey and Minnie pumpkins are great. I hope you have a fun Halloween and I can't wait to see more pictures and hear how M enjoyed the Holiday.

  2. Nice post - glass pictures ..Keep Posting

    glass pictures


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