October 3, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Steve is such a great Dad. He helps in every way. When we go out to dinner he always helps Makayla eat so I can have a break eat with both hands. He always makes sure her bag is packed with snacks, and the diaper sac is full. He takes her outside to do yard work so she can "help". He does it all. I usually never have to say "Babe can you help?" He is always usually 1 step ahead. Lately he has been wanting things he had when he was little for Makayla. Just little things I never thought he would care about. It's really cute. Last weekend we went to a birthday party and he was so excited they could match!
That's where we took this picture.

Since I have started working Steve stays home with Makayla on Thursdays. She has now become a total Daddy's girl. They do all kinds of thing together, go to the sponge docks, run errands, go out to lunch, they do it all. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they go out just to see how cute they are together! There relationship has grown x10 and Makayla LOVES to be with her daddy now. I love it I think it is so great they get this special time together to bond and grow close. She is growing so fast before long she is be starting school and we won't get these days with her.

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  1. Excellent. You know, just between you and me.... there is something about having a little girl that makes a guy just putty in their hands. My boys are great kids but I can tell you that E is really that apple of my eye. Oh and by the way- The Bucs are going down tomorrow! Go Redskins!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell you husband that!


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