October 2, 2009


The lest few weeks Makayla's hair has gotten out of control but it is not quit ready for a cut just yet. I have been trying to find "good" hair clips to hold her hair back but none seem to stay and the ones that do are kinda of expensive. My solution? Of course make them myself. The last few days I have been busy making bows and Makayla has been busy playing in them. Some of them are bows I bought and redid on clips that stay! What do you think?

Below are the ones I made!
What do you think would you want to buy these for your little girl?

Even Grandmom got into playing with the bows. Don't they look just beautiful?

I had a bunch of ribbon and bought clips from Sally's (100 for $5) and a few folds and twist of some ribbon mixed with a little hot glue and there you have it! Hair clips that stay for cheap.


  1. those are so adorable! how crafty. and i love the pics of all the bows on her head at once. haha

  2. I love making bows. You do such an awesome job on M's. I love the pic of all the bows in her hair. So cute!

  3. Cute bows, you did such a great job!! I love the last picture with M and all the bows, too cute!


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