March 14, 2010


We have been super busy this month. We went to Disney where Makayla is now loving Princesses and Cinderella "rella" is her favorite. I took alot of pictures but how many times can I post about our trips to Disney....I won't bore you with all of them just these TWO!!!!But she still loves Nemo and Woody and Buzz.
We took Makayla to the Strawberry festival last Sunday and this is the only picture I took! She was not feeling to good and didn't really seem to be into it. There was LOTS of fried food and LOTS of people. It wasn't quit the same as I remember it and I can't say we will be returning next year. That is unless we feel the need to eat a hand batter ANYTHING, or chocolate dipped bacon (GROSS). We didn't eat much or stay long but I did win the newest member of our family but she deserves her own post so that will come later.
Unfortunately last month we lost a member of our family. Steve's Grandmother went in the hospital for a routine surgery and did not recover well and past away. She was great women with a wit of a personalty. We had a memorial lunch where we gathered to look at old pictures, tell stories of her time here and relived her memories. She will be missed dearly.
Family picture at Nana's memorial lunch.
This past week we went to a petting farm and Makayla got to see, feed and pet lots of animals..I am working on that post as well. We hope all is well with everyone!

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  1. I can only hope Ella is as friendly as Makayla was with Cinderella;) Cute pics!


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