March 22, 2010

Which one???

I need a new pair of sneakers desperately. In fact I couldn't tell you the last time I purchased a pair or sneakers for myself. I have decided I want a pair of Puma's but I can't decide which ones I want. Which ones do you like better???
Saba Gloss Ballerina Flats
I can wear both with short or pants and they both look comfy. They are about the same price so that is not a deciding factor either. Help!!!!Etoile Women's Shoes
Now once I decide it will just be finding the time to go all the way to international mall to try them on without Makayla. She is not a shoe shopper when shopping for me only when it's for her, but then again when is not all about her???


  1. I am with Bridget, the first pair... Super cute! I just may get myself a pair too! :)

  2. I think they are both really cute but I pick pair #2.You can wear them even in the winter months when it gets cool.

  3. i pick pair #1! (i LOVE pink :)

  4. I vote pair #1. I am not a huge fan of all white sneakers. Reminds me of Seinfeld when he wears them with jeans. But the first pair are super cute/casual and perfect for trips to the park and outings with Makayla!

  5. I went with the 1st ones---sorry Aunt Barbara. I ordered them tonight and had a coupon and free shipping so it was a win win. I can't wait to wear them this spring and summer!!! Thanks for all the votes! it really helped me decide

  6. I'm sure by now you bought the 1st pair. They are so you! Sporty, but still girly and diff.!


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