July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Can you Believe this was a year ago? Every time I think of July 4th now I think Wow Makayla is almost another year older. Her birthday is just 2 days away and my baby is going to be 2. The first 2 pictures are from last 4th of july.
Such a baby face
The next 3 are from this year. Wow has she grown! She is such a kid now, and so much fun. I just wish I had half of her energy so I could keep up!!!
Playing in the rain
Yes we spent most of our 4th in the rain. It has been raining here all week and we need to get out of the house. So yes we played in the rain for about 45 min and even went in the pool! Don't worry there was no thunder or lighting. We grilled good food and just relaxed. The rain finally stopped around 8:30 just in time to do a few sparklers and watch some fireworks. Hope you all enjoyed your 4th with family and friends!

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  1. i remember that 1st picture of her from last year!!! it rained alot here this weekend too so we didnt get to see our big fireworks show :( happy 4th!


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