July 30, 2010

Helping Daddy

Every Friday night we have been going for a long walk around the neighborhood and finishing it with some yard work, sidewalk chalk, and a Popsicle. Makayla looks very forward to her Friday night popsicle, but we make her work for it!! (just kidding) She is a great helper and loves to work outside in the yard. We trimmed the bushes and she helped to get it all put away in the trash can.
She and her Daddy are the best (and cutest) lawn service you could ask for.
Helping Daddy rake the leaves

Popsicle face
picking up the branches to throw in the trash
"help Daddy"
These 2 are so cute


  1. Well it looks like those two now how to do it. Looks dark out? Can't imagine weeding in this Florida heat!

  2. too cute!!! It's hot and I live in NC, I cannot imagine what it feels like in FL!! Thanks for your sweet comment!! I loved that tutu...I hope it brightens some little girl's day!


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