April 12, 2011

Healthy cooking for 2011

I know I haven't shared a recipe in a REALLY long time but I am trying to get back to blogging. It is something I really enjoy and a great way to keep a journal of life!! Since I realized I only have a month (well now 15 days) until I am the big 30 I decided to get myself in better shape. We have been eating healthy and working out more. My mom came up with this great recipe for ...

Chicken Veggie burgers

So easy and really good. Steve and I eat them over shredded lettuce with a homemade salsa on top but Makayla enjoys hers on a bun with melted "cheese".

3 stalks of celery
1 small onion
2 garlic cloves
1 bell pepper
1 jalapeno seeded (optional)
2lbs of lean organic ground chicken
salt and pepper to season
Puree the first 5 ingredients until finely chopped
mix in with the chicken and season to taste.
Once the mixture in mixed it will be a little loose so you have to work with it a bit. Form it into small patties and heat a skillet with a little chicken broth.
You can use oil but I am trying not to use any extra fats!
Cook on both sides until pretty brown and cooked through. Serve as a burger with a bun or a healthy protein to a salad.
This recipe makes a lot of burgers so as they finished cooking I put them on a pan in a warm oven to make sure they were cooked and to keep warm.

We had a lot of left overs. I just wrapped them individually in plastic wrap and stored them in the fridge. They are easy to take to work for a quick lunch and they are even good cold.

Let me know if you like them and if you make them!!

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