April 18, 2011

No more cheese….

Thank goodness Makayla is a lover of fruit & veggies and she can always go for a good steak. So now that she is Dairy free feeding her really isn't that bad but we all have our favorite foods and for M cheese is big one. Thankfully we have found a rice cheese that she really likes. A milk and a selection of yogurts and ice cream treats that she has really enjoyed. She knows now she is not allowed to have "milk" only special "milk" that won't hurt her belly.
To be honest I thought this no dairy transition would have been much harder but she is doing really well and back to eating like a champ. I do however feel like I have become more giving with the "junk" or "snacks" to make up for the dairy free, but to tell the truth I don't think it's been that much of a drastic change in her world.

 Almost all chicken nuggets are coated in a milk bath before there breading. I was lucky enough to find these that are really tasty, MILK FREE, and Makayla loves them. No Mc Donald's, or chick- fl- a for us anymore.

I searched high and low for a mac & cheese that was dairy free and I FINALLY found one! Its good and Makayla likes it not as much as Kraft of course but its a good substitute.


  1. Is it 100% that she's allergic to dairy? I really hope she isn't and it was the longest lasting bug ever! :(

  2. Yes its 100% she allergic to Cow's milk I wish it was just a long lasting bug but we weren't that lucky :( It really isn't that bad unless we are going out the eat but she is VERY understanding when we tell her something has milk in it so she can't eat it.


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