April 28, 2011

A very cultured Makayla

Owning a business, having a 2 year old, and daily life does not give us the opportunity to travel very much but thankfully enough my Dad has to travel ALOT for business and he always sends Makayla the most special items from the cool places he gets to travel too. She loves when there is a package at the door and she gets to open it!!! She always looks up and says is this from Paw Paw??? For me???  She loves it!!! His last package was a kimono and matching FlipFlops. She wears her Kimono as a robe almost every night before bed. 

Here are a few pictures of her opening them

 How cute are those flip-flops???
 Trying it on for the first time
The other night we had a little fashion show with some of the cool outfits she has from around the world.

 Her VERY cool outfit from India 
 With Matching bracelets that she play dress up with all the time

 So Cute
 My fired Melissa got her this little red dress from Korea last year when her husband was stationed over seas.  
Though we don't get to visit these places in person, it's nice for Makayla to be able to experience different things from around the world…. We may live in a small town but we have a cultured  lifestyle!!!! HAHA


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