April 11, 2011

Trust your "MOM" instincts

For almost a month now Makayla has not been feeling well. It started with a small cough, High fever and grew from there. After 2 late night dr. visits it was determined that she had bronchitis. Finally we had an answer!! We went home with antibiotics and breathing treatments… things were looking better until they got worse. Makayla started antibiotics on a Tuesday evening that friday she seemed to be feeling better so it was her Friday night to sleep over at my Mom's house. I went out for a wonderful girls night and Steve had to work late. We were both home by 11:00pm and in bed soon after. Around 12:30am the phone rings and my poor baby girl was crying for her Mommy. She had thrown up all over her poor Gom.

We made the late night trip over to my Mom's and scooped up our very pitiful girl, only for her to loose her cookies 3 times on the short trip home. I slept with her that night as she woke me every hour on the hour to be "sick" again. Finally we got to the Dr. at 9:00am Saturday morning. He said it looks like a stomach bug keep her belly empty and she will get better…We went home and rested and washed ALOT of towels…
That same afternoon she started complaining her ear hurt really bad, she was coughing terribly, and still not able to eat.

The next morning she woke with all kinds of goo all over her ear and crying in horrible pain but not able to keep pain meds down. So back to the Dr. we went on Sunday morning. Yep you guessed it horrible ear infection. We changed antibiotics and started ear drops. Makayla was still not interested in eating so every time we gave her the antibiotic we saw it again just a short time later. At this point I start keeping a journal of EVERYTHING…when and what she eats, when she pees, when and what meds she takes…I mean EVERYTHING.

She wasn't getting better because she wasn't able to keep any thing down. We went back to the Dr. on Monday to get an antibiotic shot! WOW was that painful for a 2 1/2 year old. Steve stayed home with her that day and I came home early it wasn't until about 3:00pm that she was able to move around without being in too much pain so we went to my Mom's house to walk around and try to play at the park…We were out side for about 20 mins when M started screaming she couldn't move her arm…she had been stung by a wasp on her elbow and ribs.

Really could this get any worse? That's what I kept asking my self… How much more can this poor girl handle? We applied a little ice, vinegar, and love and the bites were better within an hour. She was feeling much better Tuesday morning so we sent her back to school. Tuesday at Nap she throws up again and her cough is getting SO MUCH WORSE. That night she starts throwing up AGAIN.(At this point I knew this was more then a stomach bug) We kept her home from school and just gave her a break from EVERYTHING! No meds, let her eat whatever she wanted and just relax. One of Makayla's favorite foods are cheese, yogurt, and Icecream, so she was eating bit of that here and their. She was doing fine with the coughing at home but what still having belly pain and throwing up.
On Thursday I asked she school what they cleaned with? Pine-sol. Ahhh well at Christmas Makayla gets so sick whenever around real Pine. They clean at Nap time which explains why her afternoons she was so grumpy and wasn't sleeping through nap time. She was getting sick from the Pine-sol!!! Her cough and nose went away within 2 days after they stopped using it but she was still having belly aches and throwing up.
I looked over my journal very closely with her Dr. and we determined dairy might be the cause of the stomach problems.
Friday afternoon Makayla and I went to the Health food store and picked out all dairy free snacks, yogurts, cheeses, cookies. As of Thursday and being dairy free Makayla is back to her old self. She's eating again (dairy free) and keeping everything down!!! Her cough is almost totally gone and she is back to her good spirits!!!
So after a Pine-sol induced cough, fever, and ear infection, 2 wasp stings, a very painful antibiotic shot, lots of throwing up, & giving up dairy!
Our plan for now is to take her off Dairy for the next two weeks, and then give her a lactose free milk to determine if it's a milk allergy or a lactose allergy.
All I know is that I am happy to have a well child for the first time on over a month!!!

Thanks for listing to my "vent" I will keep you updated!!
For now I leave you with this picture of a very happy Makayla after enjoying her breakfast.


  1. oh my goodness Sheryl.... what a rough month it has been. It's a great thing you have been proactive to help little M get better. Hope all is well!

  2. Poor baby, glad you figured out what the problems were.


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