April 15, 2011

I can't wait….

To fill Makayla's Easter basket with these adorable Hair clips I got from a new site I found on Etsy.  Little Hailey
Hailey The Little Blue Owl with Her Pink Bow Hair ClipPrincess Crown Hair Clip
Lillie The Little White Owl Hair Clip
Black Sequin Minnie with Her Big Bright Pink and White Polka Dot Bow Hair Clip

Little Lavender Chick with Sitting in Her Cracked Egg Hair ClipLittle Bunny with Blue and Pink and White Polka Dot Bow and Swarvoski Crystal Hair Clip

The Easter bunny will also be bring her Tangled, bubbles, a bathing suit and few eggs filled with jelly beans, lip gloss, goggles, fruit snacks, cotton Candy, chalk, a lots of other fun Bunny stuff!!! What's inside your Easter Basket???  Ohhh and don't forget to leave out the carrots next saturday night!

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