July 9, 2009

And the winner is....

Well Makayla went to her 1 year appointment today. The Doctor said she is more than healthy and looks great. He asked about her walking, yep she is doing that. He asked if she is off the bottle, yep and the paci, she is also already switched to whole milk. He asked about her sleeping, yep she does that well too. Then he asked about her talking...can she say at least 2 words clearly, YES she can say over 10 words clearly. Then I asked if she should be imagination playing yet and he said she is a little young buy yes she could be. Well she does that pretty well too. After talking some more about diet and actions and reasoning, he said it seems like she is more on the level of a 15-18 month old. He also said a number of times "you are really going to have your hands full"

All of this "Makayla is ahead of the game" talk makes me so happy. I am so proud of our girl. I am also so scared of what the future brings for us. She already wants her way or no way. Ohhh we have a long road ahead of us. Life as never been and will never be boring for us with her around. I am excited about what the next few years have in store. The challenges that will be put in front of us will only make us stronger.

And now to the good stuff.....drum roll please......Her weight is 19 lbs even..and her height 29 1/2 inches long which means....we don't have a winner :( No one got it right on. The closet was Bridget (the vest family). but no one got it spot on. I might still have to send Bridget a little something for being the closest.

So Makayla is in the 65% of height and 19% for weight. She is a growing healthy girl and I couldn't be more proud! Her iron is still a little low, but is getting higher. She will still have to stay on iron for another 2 months until we test again.

Thank you all for your guesses. That was fun wasn't it? I might have to have another contest soon that there will for sure be a winner.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Well I'll be! No winner!? Yep, I vote for another contest. :-))

    Glad she's growing!!



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