July 2, 2009

Mommy knows best?

Ohh so where do I begin? Last Thursday I took Makayla to the doctor for a runny nose and cough they said it was viral and to give her Tylenol and Motrin and lots of liquids, cold mist vapor, vapor baths....blah blah blah....I did not agree with this, but did all I could do to get her better. She was miserable and green and I felt she needed an antibiotic. I called the Doctors office on Friday and asked how he knew it was viral and not bacterial the answer I got..."Years of experience" (whatever) By Saturday night she was horribly sick and her party was the next day, at 10:00pm she was screaming nonstop and when she pooped there was black chunks. I freaked out! I thought she was bleeding from her stomach (there is a warning on the Motrin bottle that if they have black poop they can be bleeding internally) I thought she was screaming because of her stomach. Off to the Urgent care center we went. Makayla screaming the entire 20 minute ride.

When we arrived (M still screaming) the doctor came in looked in her ears and nose and said she has a bacterial and ear infection I will get her an antibiotic and she will be fine.

Me "uhhh I knew it, but ohh she has black poop we brought the diaper can you tell if she is bleeding internally from all the Motrin the past 3 days?"
Dr. "I am sure she is not bleeding and you did not overdoes her with Motrin but Sure I will check"
He leaves and the nurse comes in with her first dose of antibiotic.
Dr. comes back, "Good news she is not bleeding, but did you feed her raisins or prunes today?"
Me, "umm no" Thinks for a second "ohh crap blueberries" Husband--blank stare---"the only thing she would eat earlier today was blueberries"
The doctor put numbing drops in her ear and she finally stopped screaming. We went home she went straight to bed and made it to her party the next day.

Notes to self
1)black chunks do not mean bleeding and is not a cause to bring her to urgent care. Lesson learned.
2) Doctors are now always right, and sometimes I do know best even if this is my first time being a Mom.
3) I need to find a new doctor for Makayla.

It is now Wednesday night and Makayla is doing great. Tooth #3 is trying to make its way through so she is a little cranky but doing well.

She is now a professional at the word STOP. She spends a good amount of time on that timeout mat these days and is beginning to use her imagination. For her birthday she got a little fisher-price kitchen. She loves it. She opens the fridge, pretends to pull something out hand it to me and wants me to pretend to eat it and say MMMMM. We play tea party and she can even "cheers". She really is so much fun right now. We are getting ready for her first plan trip in a few weeks. I am a little nervous about keeping her occupied for the entire plane ride but I am going to bring lots of snacks and hope for the best. Any advise or tips would be great though.


  1. Hmm plane advice...coloring books (her new little crayon roll up from my mom), stacking cups, magazines for her to rip up, dvd player (although Ella survived without one her first 2 trips), snacks, stickers (get the foil backed ones so they come off the seat tray!), bring an extra change of clothes for M...best of luck!! Oh and try not to let your kid suck on the window like Ella did and end up with an ear infection:)

  2. Hi! Glad your peanut feels better, I'd have been concerned about the black chunks too, especially since she wasnt feeling well to begin with. M.'s photos were adorable!

  3. That's too bad she had to be in pain for more time than necessary. Good for you for being proactive and getting her a different doc.

    Glad she is feeling better. I hope your 4th was blessed. :-)


  4. Good for you on the not totally beleiving doctors all the time. You are a parent and know your kid better than they do. Sometimes its just hubris on the Drs part. You know what they call the doctor who graduated last in his med school class? Answer: Doctor.


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