July 28, 2009

Our trip to Louisiana...

On Friday July 17th my Mom, Sister, Makayla and I left for a trip to Louisiana. Not only was this Makayla's first time meeting my Moms entire side of the family but it was also her first plane trip. She did much better then I expected. She played with all of the new dollar store toys I bought for her, each one only lasting 5 minutes or so but still she did rather well.

On the plane.The first few days we spent in Port Allen which is near Baton Rouge with my Aunt Michele and her family. She loved playing with Melissa and MichealMelissa and MakaylaMakayla and Micheal and Pixie at the bottom.

Then we were off to the town where my Mom grew up. Bunkie. We stayed with my Aunt Donna and her family. (My mom has 4 sisters) She was so sweet to open her beautiful home to us and treated us like queens. She even has this magic fairy that lives in her house and picks up after you. It's amazing. Makayla got to meet all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone. It was wonderful.

My Aunt Donna, Makayla, and I

The Entire "Roy" Family

Every summer I used to go and stay with my Aunt Donna and Uncle Tinker at there home. I had the best time. I was so excited for Makayla to experience all the things I love growing up. She got to play in the crop fields, swing on old swings, ride on a John Deer, ring the old bell, and just be with family. Everyone loved her and she loved them. All in all we had a wonderful visit with my family and we can't wait to go back. Just hanging out!

Riding on the tractor with Uncle Tinker Makayla Loves Grandmom

Playing with Cathrine.

These are just a few of the pictures. Click here to see the entire album from our visit.

We also went to Disney this past weekend for my Mom and Sisiters Birthday I will try and post all about our Disney trip in the next few days so be sure to check back.


  1. Our family is the best....the reunion with the Roy Family was so special and it wasnt even planned. We must be special for them all come to see us at Donna's..It was a very speial day

  2. Loved seeing your vacation photos. I am happy we were both able to spend time with family this summer. It is what life is all about:) PS I love the last pic. Her hair is too much!!

  3. Hanging out in a tree... Great picture. Oh and my boys would have lost their minds if they got to ride on a tractor!


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