July 5, 2009

The best Fireworks ever.

Every 4th of July I get so excited to watch the sky light up with Bright flashes of red, blue, green, pink, purple and the many other array of colors the fireworks display we settle into watch shines in the night. I have to say this year was the best show by far, but it wasn't the fireworks with there bright colors and loud booms. It wasn't that we were in the middle of the lake and simultaneously saw 8 shows at once. It wasn't that we were surrounded by our loved ones. It was the way Makayla would light up with every flash and pop. She pointed out each time a flash of light appeared in the sky, she just couldn't get enough. The way her face lit up with excitement each time she saw the bright flashes made me smile with delight. I was watching the best fireworks show I had ever seen---Fireworks through my daughters eyes.

Last year on the 4th I tried to imagine what this year would be like. How my unborn baby would be days away from turning 1. Would she like the fireworks or would she be scared? She loves them. Would she be able to wait up for them and stay awake for the entire show? She never misses a thing. Would she be a daddy's girl or always want her Mom? She loves us both but becoming more of a daddy's girl by the day.

This year has pasted so fast. I never imagined being able to love another person so quickly and so much. Everything is better when I get to experience it through Makayla's point of view.

For the 4th of July we celebrated at my Mom's clubhouse. We swam all day and then went back to her house for a BBQ of Chicken, baked beans, pasta salad, corn on the cob, and a yummy ice cream dessert I made. Then we headed out on the boat to Lake Tarpon to watch the fireworks. We had a fabulous day and evening. I still can't believe it was a year ago today that I was headed to the hospital to deliver my baby and this year I was holding her in my arms.

Here are the pictures from our day. The first few are of Makayla getting sun screened up. Let me know how you like her hair. The others are from our boat trip. Just click on the picture to see the entire album.
4th of July 2009

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  1. I LOL when I saw the pics of her hair with sunscreen. So funny. The silohette one of the two of you is gorgeous. Looks like you had a great 4th of July!


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