November 22, 2009

Birthday Party's and the 1st BOO BOO

The last few weekends Makayla has had birthday parties to attend...The weather has been beautiful here so being outside at the park is always nice. First we had Ally's 2nd birthday party Makayla had a great time running around and playing on the playground. I only got a few pictures as it is hard to chase around a 16 month old take pictures and talk to friends.

The birthday girl getting ready to blow out the candles.
The Cake
Makayla clapping after singing happy birthday

Makayla and Mama
She loved the open field to run in.

This is the poor bird she could not stop chasing...the poor bird just wanted some cake
SOOOOO tired after the party, she could barely hold her eyes open.

The next weekend we went to Alex's 2nd birthday party and had a wonderful time as well. We forgot the camera that day but my friend Kim (Ally's mom) took a few for me. Makayla again had a wonderful time running, playing, and swinging.

That is until she had her first big fall. She was running back to the tent when it was time to sing and eat cake. She tripped and fell on her hands and knees and then rolled and bumped her head. She was pretty upset about her fall. I was so worried about her head I didn't even see her knee until a bit later, she got her first scratch. When she saw it she freaked out a bit I kissed it and it seemed to have made it better for the time being. Until we got in the car where all she could do was point to her knee and say, "owwww Mama ooowwww" It was so sad and so cute. We sprayed a little neo-to-go and put on a band-aid and she is all fixed up. Though for the past 3 nights I have had to kiss her "boo boo" every night and she still says "ooowww Mama oowwww"
Girls what drama!

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  1. gosh her outfits and pigtails are so cute! i hope her knee owie is feeling better!


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