November 16, 2009

A little Marker never hurt anyone!

For halloween my sister bought Makayla markers that you can write on the windows with! (That's what Aunts are for right?) Makayla gets the biggest kick out of drawing on the windows and since it wipes right off I don't mind. I had to get some work done from home today so I asked my sister to come over for a little bit and when I came out this is what I found......
Makayla had decided the marker might look nice on herself instead.
She was so proud it was hard to be upset...
"Here go Mama....."

Posing with Nenny

Sorry the pictures are so bad it was hard to get the right lighting being by the window!


  1. Too funny! Well she still looks cute:)

  2. That is too cute not to laugh at! Aunt's and just about any other family member is good about getting the most noisy or messy things possible for kids.. Your right that's what they are for! Hope she starts feeling better soon!


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