November 20, 2009

Playing at Nenny's house

Last week Makayla was screaming "NENNY" so I had no other choice but to bring her to see my sister (Nenny) We went over for the morning and played a little Polly Pocket (Man I wish I had the wardrobe that girl has have you seen some of the things she wears?) We had lunch and played in the back yard. Makayla LOVES my sister and had a wonderful time playing.

Makayla was telling me " NO NO NO" is this picture...she insisted on standing on top of this box that is until she fell backwards into the tree.. and yes my sisters tree is already up!
Makayla and Nenny
Ohh Mom STOP taking my picture
"I think I need a break from all this playing ahhhh"
Check out the leg in this picture I love it LOL


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