November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

This year was the first year Makayla was able to go trick or treating. Last year she was a little Pea and was a little to young but not this year. She held her own pumpkin and got excited for every piece of candy that went into it! We only went to a few houses in our neighborhood but she could have gone all night, though she enjoyed handing it out when we got back just as much. We had a few people over after trick or treating for our traditional Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup but this year I made Butternut Squash soup. It was delish! ( Look for that recipe soon!) M was a bumble bee and the cutest one I have ever seen. She wouldn't wear the head band that come with the costume so I made antlers with her hair and made hair bows to match.

Mama and M starting trick or treating
Getting ready to go!
M and Nenny
M's first Pieces of candy
Holding her pumpkin
This cat scared the CRAP out of her.
Steve made her stand next to this sign

She would always try to give the candy back. It was really cute
The back of her costume
Checking her GOODS.
This man let her pick her own candy out. She was super excited

My sister and I
This girl scared her a little

Mama and her bumble bee
So proud of her self.

Walking home
Trick or treating from Nenny and Grandmom
We had such a great night. Halloween is so much more fun now that M is around. To see her face light up with joy fills my heart. After all that's what Halloween is all about right? The Kids!


  1. She is pretty much the cutest bumble bee I have every seen! I'm glad she had fun and she did so well.

  2. That is the cutest costume ever! ADORABLE! She looks so precious!! What a sweetheart- those are definitely Christmas card worthy pictures, she looks so cute! Glad you girls had fun and I am going to refrain from commenting on the shorts at HALLOWEEN. :)

  3. she is the most adorable bumble bee ever! i love how you improvised to make her antennae since she wouldnt wear the original headband! glad yall had a good halloween! :)

  4. Seriously the cutest little bee in the world. I miss her...a whole lot.

  5. Cute costume! Glad she had fun!


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