August 10, 2013

Mountain Adventure Day 5 & 6

Late Thursday night Hannah's Mom, Dad, & Brother (Jake) joined us for our last few days of cabin living! What a joy it was to share our vacation with some of our best friends! Friday we got up and headed out for another hiking adventure this time much closer to us and much shorts but still worth every step! After a stop at the Orchard to pick up more jams and cheese, we headed back to the cabin for a relaxing evening, of drinks, s'mores, hot-tubing, and enjoying our home away from home. 

Seriously this view! 
smaller but just as beautiful
Jen and I relaxing after a long hike!
 (not really just an excuse to drink our wine!) 

Steve and I cannot wait to go back
The boys hanging out!
Hmmm Thats funny!
The girls 
Daddy and his girl
Jackson may or may not have slept in the closet! 

Day 6 
Our last day
On our last day the Dads took the girls back out to the Centennial Olympics site where they got to see the rapids flowing and tons of people rafting. Jen and I took the boys into town for a little shopping. We all met up in the early afternoon for drinks and appetizers before heading back to the cabin for one last night of fun.  
This is the same spot as the pictures from day 4 with all the rocks! The damn opened the rapids were flowing! Amazing how different it looks and how fast that water flows 

Blue Ridge railway! 
The guys let the girls play on the train.
I love this picture of Makayla!
So carefree and full of life!
What an amazing adventure we had on this trip. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this time with my kids and my husband. We really tried to "unplug" and just get away from it all, and I think we did. We made so many memories, and laughed, and played, and really just had a fun and relaxing time! I cannot wait to do it all over again soon!!!

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