August 17, 2013

Run for ME!

Months ago Jen and I signed up for our first 5k. Neither of us had ever run a 5k before nor did we know what to expect. We wanted to have fun and cross a line off of our bucket list! We trained for weeks before the race but it happened to be the weekend after we returned home from Ga. Let's just say I did not get much running done last week. The night before the race I barely slept. I was excited and a little nervous. I am not a runner at all, but this is something I have always wanted to do. 

I know for some of my friends running a 5k is easy, but for me it was a challenge and a goal I set for myself. I am not really a runner but this was something I've wanted to accomplish for a while! I have walked a few 5k's to support friends and charities, but today I RAN for ME! And I am proud to say I did along side one of my very best friends!!! I completed my first 5k this morning in 32 min! 

I was defiantly colorful
Jen and I after the race! 

Go US!!!! We did it!
We had so much fun, I cannot wait for the next one. I just hope it's a little cooler but hopefully just as colorful!

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