August 11, 2013

The ride home

On the way home we decided to surprise the girls with a stop American Girl Doll Atlanta. They were so excited and surprised. Caroline got her hair done and got to pick out a few new outfits. The girls had a blast and were overwhelmed to say the least. 
We drove straight home after lunch making a late return home Sunday night! The kids were great on the way home. We only stopped twice in 8 hours Jackson slept almost the entire time only waking to eat and walk around once. Makayla slept, watched a movie, and repeatedly thanked us for taking her to the mountains, and the american girl doll store. I was so sad to see our vacation come to an end but I was so happy to be home! 
Makayla's face when she saw the American Girl Doll store
Caroline after her hair appointment 
Makayla and Hannah with there dolls

I love this picture of these two! 
Makayla at a rest stop.
I had walked out of the restroom and she was sitting on this bench gazing off and I realized my baby is starting kindergarten in 2 weeks and she's not a baby anymore. She looked so grown up and beautiful at that very moment.  I got tears in my eyes just thinking about how much she has grown and how wonderful of a person she is.  

Jackson looking for acorns and getting into trouble
Jackson honestly slept the entire way home

Back to reality…….

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