August 7, 2013

Mountain Adventure Day 3

Day 3 a little more low key. We hung around in our PJ's and relaxed most of the morning. We were on  vacation after all!  Once we got up and got moving we headed out for Mercier Orchards. This place was really neat! It was a rainy and nasty morning so the tractor rides were not running but we still had a lot of fun. They make all kinds of products right on site from apple cider, hot fried apple pies, to all kinds of homemade jellies and jams. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the cafe. After, we bought fresh apples, blueberries, and peaches, tasted all kinds of ciders and treats! It was really a fun experience. The kids were kind of tired and cranky so we started to drive trying to find a play ground or park. We ended up driving for hours up and down different mountains and getting lost here and there, more of an adventure for Steve and I. The kids all fell asleep and slept for over 3 hours. I think they needed to catch up from the drive up! We ended up stopping at the Orchard on the way home, grabbed a few fabulous jams and jellies, some delicious cheese and crackers, a bottle of wine and enjoyed a yummy dinner outside overlooking the tree tops! Now that is what I call VACATION! 
The girls woke us up that morning! 

The girls at the Orchard 

Excited for a fun day
The Boy and I 
on our driving adventure we found this damn! 

an old covered bridge
The entrance to the Orchard 
Mountain View
Steve and the girls enjoying the hot tub
Hannah brought matching Pj's for her and Makayla and there American girl dolls
all cuddled up and ready for bed
Day 4 coming soon….

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  1. I'm sad you stopped blogging!! :( Love these pictures and seeing your cute kids! What gorgeous views, too. Lucky!!


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