December 8, 2013

Christmas performance at Wiregrass

Makayla is taking two dance classes this year, a ballet/Tap combo class and hip hop. This year her dance school was asked to perform at the tree lighting ceremony at an outdoor mall about 45 minutes from us. They had two performance dates Sunday the 8th she preformed her hiphop dance 4 times and her tap dance once and then Wednesday the 18th she preformed her hiphop dance another 3 times!
Makayla truly is a shining start on stage! She loves the lights, loud music, and the attention. Sunday was a very long and busy day, though you would not have known that from her.  She enjoyed every moment of the day from the makeup to the cold late night on stage! We could not be more proud of her.
Lots of family and friends joined us through out the day on Sunday to watch our girl perform.  Wednesday was a little more relaxed. It was just her and I and oh hundreds of other holiday shoppers. Enjoy the videos at the end!

In front of the HUGE tree in the center of Wiregrass Mall
posing at the end of her Hip Hop dance 
Taking the stage for the Tap dance 
You can see the joy on her face here

With costume changes happening so quickly I wasn't able to get a photo of Makayla  in her tap outfit at the mall that evening so Steve snapped this photo when we got home! 

Makeup on waiting to take stage
Wednesday night it was a little less hectic so I was able to get a few more photos 

Playing in the "snow"

My girl and I 

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