December 25, 2013

Christmas morning 2013

Christmas morning was so wonderful this year, our kids slept in until 8:30!!! Then woke up with pure excitement chanting Santa came Santa came. We all ran into the living room to find a room full of gifts from the big guy! The kids opened all their Santa gift, we toasted with mimosa's, baked Kris's homemade cinnamon rolls, opened the gifts from each other and the rest of our family, Facetimed with my dad so he could see the kids open his gifts, stayed in our pajamas most of the day, played with the kids toys and our new grown up gifts, enjoyed a christmas meal of different kinds of seafood. It was the most relaxing, fun, and exciting christmas we have ever had! We actually enjoyed it so much we didn't want it to end so we ended up staying another night at my moms!!! The kids loved it and truthfully so did I.  
I know this picture is blurry but look at her excitement 
Checking out her gifts! 
He really wasn't sure what all this meant 

Oh I love this girl! So excited over a scarf and sunglasses! 

This is one of my favorite photos. Helping each other open a gift! 
This year Makayla got to "shop" at the holiday store at school. She earned money to buy everyone a gift.  All of her gifts we so meaningful and special. She was most excited about the screwdriver set she bought for Steve that said DAD!!! I love how much she loves to give! 
Our anual Christmas morning mimosa toast photo! No one ever looks pretty or well dressed but these are always my favorite photos!!!
Jackson found our seafood feast less then appealing so he decided it was nap time! and yes both of my kids are still in their pajamas at 4:00 in the afternoon! Hey it's christmas, I only changed out of mine because I didn't want to get them dirty as soon as dinner was over they went right back on! 
I can only hope everyone reading this had as blessed of a holiday as we did! Enjoy your last few day of 2013 new changes and challenges are right around the corner!

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