December 16, 2013

Student of the month

Makayla was so excited when she came home a last week to announce she earned STUDENT OF THE MONTH. She has worked really hard the last few months to go the extra mile to be kind, and helpful to her friends, and she has been working extra hard on her reading and math this month it showed!! She was beaming when she hopped in the car friday to announce her reward! I got to attend a breakfast and watch her receive her certificate on stage! and the best part was she got to share her achievement with one of her very best friends Cooper! He received student of the month for December in his class also! She was so excited to share this moment with him!!! Great Job Makayla and Cooper your hard work paid off!!! Your time to shine is NOW!!!

Cooper and Makayla showing off their certificate 

Jackson attended the ceremony as well, he really enjoyed it can't you tell?

Our shining stars!

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