December 6, 2013

Father Daughter Dance

Makayla and Steve attended their first Father Daughter dance tonight! Makayla's dress did not arrive until a few hours before it was time to leave (thank goodness it fit!) Steve got stuck for almost 2 hours on US19 behind a car that was caught on fire, so he was SUPER late. My "real" camera died and I couldn't find batteries, and my phone takes crappy photos so these few are all I was able to get…. Though the evening had a VERY rough start it turned out to be a great night for them both. They  danced and ate and hung out with Makayla's friends and went for an icecream date after the dance! I guess the craziness beforehand is just life! We are all learning to roll with the punches a little better these days! Such is life! 
I am just happy they both had a great time and they were able to spend this evening together! 

Father Daughter dance 2013

Daddy and Makayla ready for the dance! 

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