December 20, 2013

Felicia and Freddie 2013

They're back….. Oh these elves! Felicia and Freddie have returned, actually they joined us the morning of Thanksgiving! Flying all the way from the North pole to brighten our holiday season with good cheer and excitement! Ahhhhh its 3:00am and I forgot to…., did you? No did you? CRAP, any new ideas? UGH It is such a love/hate with these two!!!! HA HA. 
The kids are so excited to wake each morning to find where these two have hidden themselves and if they have left a special gift or note. The joy on their faces keeps these two coming back year after year. Makayla was excited about them each morning but sadly the threat of them not returning due to not so stellar behavior really didn't do much for her this year though she really didn't do anything for Felicia not to return. I think Felicia and Freddie only had one night they were not able to not return this year.  These two always make our holiday season so much more festive! I couldn't be happier they have returned with such fun! 
The morning of their arrival
Can you see me?
They brought tiny stockings for themselves 
Eating mini golden oreos, and drinking elf sized cherry coke! 
They covered our cabinets with bows!!!! Makayla LOVED this one

Cuddling elves watching Felicia and Freddie rock out with the chipmunks 
Felicia and Freddie rocking out with the chipmunks and the musical Mickey band they brought a weeks back

Felicia and Freddie hanging out! 

They left us ginger bread houses! 

Hidden candy canes around the house! 
and the Rudolph movie!

They had many other adventures this holiday season but Mommy forgot to take daily photos!  Opps! Maybe next year! 

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