May 6, 2009

She is in the double digits...

Can you believe Makayla is already 10 months old? She growing into such a fun little girl. I am starting to plan her first birthday party. It is hard to imagine life without her now. I feel so blessed to have such a joy in my life. She is always happy and always has a smile.

She is standing all the time and wants so badly to walk. She will be there soon.

How funny is she?

We were using Mickey Mouse to get her to smile and when we finally gave him to her she couldn't stop hugging him. She is in love with Mickey Mouse.


  1. Hey Sheryl, I found your blog (or Makayla's) when I went to Ella's. She is adorable, I can't belive how BIG she is already!! Great job on this blog too! Good luck planning the 1st B-Day party, those are always lots of fun!

  2. Hey,Had a great can I give her chocolate NOW? Love yall, mutsy mutsy UHHH


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