May 15, 2009

Fun, Free, Friday

Today was supposed to be a day of beauty for me....(I saved up all my birthday money for today! I was going to get my hair cut, eyebrows, waxed, and a pedicure FINALLY. I haven't had one since July 3rd. (I got one because I was going into the hospital to have a baby and because I stopped seeing my feet at about 7 months (I think) I wanted them to look nice.)
Well at about 9:00am I got a phone call...the girl who cuts my hair is sick... appointment cancelled. CRAP! REALLY?
So I told my Mom to stay home and enjoy her day.

So what did We do all day? While Makayla took her nap I spent the morning cleaning! I got our spare bedroom looking more like a spare bedroom and less like a tornado stricken room. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, changed Makayla's crib sheet (those of you who have kids know what a task this can be), laundry, blah blah blah. Defiantly not a day of beauty for me, but the house looks great!

When M woke up she had some lunch, and played with her new Handy Manny tool box (thanks Mom) she loved it!

Then I decided to let her finger paint! She had a blast, and only licked her hands a few times. Don't worry is was toxic free and washable, and she discovered it was nasty.

Look at her beautiful work!

Now that is art!
Needless to say when you let a 10 month old finger paint they tend to need a bath!
I put her in the kitchen sink. She played for 20 minutes! She likes her bath but for some reason the sink was way more fun! It was also alot more fun to slash. She covered the kitchen with water and bubbles, but hey she was having fun.

Then she was hiding from me. Makayla where are you?

I found her!
I tried to take a picture of her new blanket but she didn't want you all to see it and want to cuddle with it. She is very excited about her new blanket. She did pick all the fabrics out herself.
We went outside for a bit and sprayed some ant piles with soap and water (thanks Dad). We walked up and down the side walk with the walker, until it got a little to hot.
She played with Molly who seems to be back to her old self, and went the entire day with no pain medication. This was the first day since the attack.

For those of you who want to see Molly, she let me take a picture of her wounds. These are the the places the vet shaved the others you can't see through her fur.

Poor Molly. She is doing good though, the scabs will have to fall off and the hair will have to grow back and then she will be back to normal.
We played a little more and then she was very excited to show Daddy her art work when he came home. He was very excited to see it. We had dinner and enjoyed our Friday evening at home. We had an awesome day. With the summer coming I won't be working so I am trying to find activities for us to do at home that don't cost much if anything. If you have any ideas please pass them along!


  1. I definetly wouldn't mind meeting at Countryside Mall playarea. Not sure if that'd be enjoyable for Makayla???? Let us know!

  2. Makayla thank you soooo much for my beautiful piece of art work......and Grandmom will bleach all yor shells so you can take a picture to show everyone all the shells you got today at the you ...GRANDMOM


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