May 20, 2009

And the winner is......

.......Tickle Your Taste Buds Tuesday!!!! I love it. It was submitted my Brenda. Thanks Brenda. I was so excited to get all the suggestions but that one won it over. I know you are all on the edge of your seats to know what the prize is. Drum roll please. It is an avocado peeler from Pampered chef and a bag of twix-it clips. I bet you wish you would have submitted something. You will just have to wait for the next contest. Brenda email me your info at and I will get you your prize. Thanks again for all your submissions, hope it was fun and that you are ready for the next one! Now I just need to learn how to get one of those fancy buttons to put at the top of every Tickle your taste buds Tuesday post! Anyone know how?

1 comment:

  1. So, so, so, so, sooooo excited!!! And thankful!! Love Pampered Chef!!

    Woot woot!!

    I'll email you. :-)



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