May 14, 2009


WARNING Cat lovers beware.....I don't want aww poor cat comments.

So if you follow me on twitter you may know a little about what the past few days have brought our way. If not let me start from the beginning.

Monday night after dinner Steve took Molly out back to our fenced in yard to go the bathroom. As she was going a cat jumped up on the fence Molly started to bark at the cat, most of the time they run away but instead this cat jumped down, and Attacked Molly yes attacked my beautiful, tiny 4lb baby. Steve pulled the cat off of Molly and tossed it back over the fence but not before he got bit and scratched. Molly came running into my arms (and my screaming head) screeching herself. I found one bloody spot right away she was covered in dirt. As I was TRYING to bath her she started screaming more and when I looked at her side she had LOTS of bloody spots. We called the emergency vet and they said there was not much they could do but clean the wounds...well I can do that without paying $300.00. So I bathed her as best I could cleaned her wounds and laid with her on the couch. She was so scared and nervous. She just wanted to hide in the corner. She did not sleep well that night nor did Steve and I.

Thanks to my sisters skills, before we went to bed we set a cat trap to try and catch the said evil cat. About 2:00am (like I said we didn't sleep much) I looked out the window SUCCESS we trapped a cat. In the morning we took Molly to the vet, they shaved a few spots to get to some of the bad wounds. He said they looked pretty good and I did a good job cleaning them. He gave her some pain meds and antibiotics. A lot of money later Molly is going to be OK...PRICELESS. When I got home I had to deal with the animal control officer who came to pick up the evil cat. He felt sorry for it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He took the cat and it will be held for 10 days to make sure it doesn't have rabies I will know those results on the 22nd. If the cat has rabies Molly will more then likely have to be put to sleep. But we are not thinking about that right now and PRAYING the cat was rabies free.

While the officer was here he had to see Molly as well since she got attacked. He asked where her tag was.

Me.." Well she doesn't wear one"

Officer.."why not"

Me.."well she doesn't have one"

Officer.."well I will have to give you a $150.00 fine for not having one and a $150.00 fine for her not having it on.

Me.."Are you kidding"

Officer.."NO, I will give you 24 hours to get the tag and call me with the number to update my file and then I won't fine you.

Me.."ummm OK"

(When ever I put a collar on Molly she squeals like a piglet and just stands there.)

Needless to say I went on Wednesday to get the tag and it will be on a collar and if and when the officer comes back I will put it on her neck and he can be the cause of her squealing. Do you think he will feel bad then?

Tuesday afternoon I talked to my neighbor and guess who is feeding the cats? Yep you guessed it they felt bad when they were kittens and started feeding them. They also have a male cat that lives lived in there backyard house now. They also have more litters in there backyard. We are hoping that is why the "evil" cat attacked.

Me..about the orange male cat"If I catch him he is gone, you are being an irresponsible pet owner"
Neighbor.."I totally understand"

Tuesday night...
Set the trap no luck....Molly is doing better.

Wednesday... Morning the cat is in the trap but it did not close DAMN. reset the trap but did not have any food.
Wednesday evening Steve put Makayla to bed and he went to take the trash out, I opened the garage door and SNAP the trap went off. Yes the cat went into the trap with no food. Ummm smart cat? NO.
I felt bed (yes I have a heart) this cat would be euthanized for really no reason except that our neighbor is irresponsible. Steve drove it away and let it go somewhere. I didn't ask to many questions. He is a cat person remember.

Ahhhh all of our cat problems are gone......that is until I walked my sister out and what do I see walking across the street?

You guessed it the ORANGE CAT. Really? My neighbors told me they would keep it inside or get it neutered, or get rid of it. Well needless to say the trap is set and with food this time. No luck as of Thursday night but this is the male, the TOM so they say and might be a challenge to catch.
I promised Molly we would catch the cats and pay them back.
She was guarding her own back yard and got beat up for it. Fare? I don't think so. I am sorry for those of you who like cats I did have a small place in my heart for them. Now? Not so much.
I can't bring myself to post a picture of Molly she would be so embarrassed if she saw it. Maybe once she starts to heal. For now use your imagination. A 4lb white Chihuahua got attacked by a 12 or so pound cat and has shaved spots all over her. Yep pretty sad.

Sorry for the length since the last post, we've been taking care of the Babies. And getting rid of those who aren't.
Molly seems to be doing well and no signs of anything bad. I will keep you posted.
Please keep Molly in your prayers. You can leave your comments prayers below this post where it says COMMENTS just click there and leave a comment (don't be scared I know you are reading) and I will pass them along to her. I thank you, I don't know what I will do without her. Makayla would have no one to torture. As soon as I hear from the county I will post on the condition of the "evil" cat, for now it's bed time. I have a hair cut appt. in the morning, ohh and a baby to take care of.

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  1. Meooooow. That stinks Sheryl! I hope those stray cats learn not to mess with the power of the Bowers!


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