May 9, 2009

Who needs toys?

As I was getting dinner ready last night I grabbed a plastic container to put the extras in and I did not shut the cabinet all the way. As I was dishing up the food I heard a noise. I turned around to find this. All of the plastic containers on the floor and the crock pot about to be pulled off the shelf.

It kept her entertained long enough for me to get dinner finished and the kitchen cleaned. Who needs toys? Not Makayla.

When I asked her what she was doing she turned around to look at me as if she was doing nothing wrong, and that I was the crazy one!

She is so active these days and is always on the move. She stands by her self for minutes at a time but that first step is still hiding. She is into everything she is not supposed to be into and only wants to play with the dog crate or other "NO NO" things. Life is fun and exciting these days. She is blossoming into her own self attitude and all.

Tomorrow I will be celebrating my first Mother's day. I can't wait! Being the mother to this perfect little package is the best gift I could ever ask for.

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