May 21, 2009

Halo or Horns?

M has developed her attitude! Need I say more?
Her hair as always stood up and when the sun hits it it looks like a halo. Her angel personality has always matched her hair do.

Well look at it now.

Her horns are poking through, and she also has the attitude to match.
She is getting very spiteful. She chatters/yells ALL the time(I think she might be a loud talker hmmm where does she get that from?), she gives kisses like a champ (well if she is in the mood that is) she even makes a kissing noise, she tells us NO or STOP IT when she doesn't want something. She defiantly knows what she likes and doesn't like. She is slapping which we are trying to stop. Tooth #2 is in! We made it through #2 much better then #1. Paci's are almost gone. I cut them so she doesn't sucks them but she likes to hold them at night which is fine with me. She is mostly off the bottle and on to a sippy cup. I still give her a bottle if all the sippy cups are dirty, but she doesn't seem to care either way. She is growing up so fast... too fast. I treasure every moment with her whether she is sporting her horns or her halo.


  1. She's a cutie no matter which 'do she's sportin'! Adorable! :)

  2. Horns or not .... she's adorable!!



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