May 5, 2009

A dream is a wish your heart makes....


This is the video from It's a small world. I know it's long but you have to watch the whole thing she is so funny.It gets really good after about 1 min.

...and ours came true this weekend. We spent Thursday - Sunday camping at the Disney campgrounds we went for my birthday which was on Friday the 1st and also to take Makayla for her first time. We had a blast! Makayla Loves everything about Disney...she loved the characters, the people, the rides, the food..everything. She got so excited to see all of her favorite characters but we she saw Mickey mouse it was all over..she fell in LOVE. She rode all the rides she was able to and loved them all even Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a small world was hands down her favorite, we took a video that is kind of long but sooo funny.

We arrived at the camp grounds Thursday night. We rode around on the golf cart to show her all the sites and then went to meet Chip and Dale and the camp fire lighting. We grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner and Makayla slept in the pack and play perfectly.
Here are the pictures from Thursday night. Click on the picture to see them all.

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Friday was MY birthday and we went to Animal Kingdom. Makayla got to meet Mickey Mouse for the first time.

and Minnie Mouse

We went on the jungle safari ride and she only lasted about 2 min and then took her only nap of the day. She rode a few other things and really enjoyed looking at all the animals. We went back to the camp grounds for a short nap and to get cleaned up then off to Dinner at Rain forest Cafe. We met up with Grandpa (he had to work Friday so he met us over there) for dinner and Downtown Disney. Makayla had a blast when the storm would start in the restaurant. I thought she would be a little scared but she loved it once again and when it would end she would say/sign more, more. She got a kick out of the moving animals and wanted to touch them. We strolled and shopped around Downtown Disney and Grandpa bought M a BIG Mickey Mouse that she refused to let go of. She also got plastic figurines from Grandmom and Nenny. After Downtown we went back to the campgrounds where M played with Grandmom and Grandpa and Nenny with all of her new toys. Steve and I relaxed and took a ride on the golf cart.

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Saturday was a day at the Magic Kingdom. The day was filled with everything....We got Makayla a Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament to match ours, we rode lots of rides, ate Turkey leg, saw characters, rode more rides and had the time of our lives. Makayla took little naps here and there but she was so afraid to miss anything. She had the best time on It's a small world and the electric light parade was almost more then she could handle. She would wave "bye bye" as they passed and want them to come back. She even stayed awake for the fireworks. She took a 10 minute cat nap on the way back to campgrounds and then was awake until 1:45am she was just to excited to sleep.

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Disney through Makayla eyes is one of the best things I have ever experienced. She was an angel. She was up for anything and enjoyed everything. We are thinking of getting year passes so we can take her back. The excitement on her face was priceless and undeniably the best feeling in the world. We are so lucky to have such a fun and excited child. She loves everything about life and all it has in store for her.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! I LOVE the pics, they are awesome! You should get the pass we have them and go ALL the time, they are well worth the money! :)


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